Jinji Industry Co., Ltd, is the excellent plant processing laser and sheet metal the initial production of balers and other packaging machinery shell-based, and gradually expand our service field including CNC machine, medical equipment, electronic equipment, kitchen appliances, various cases and car & motor parts…etc. Such as a wide range of customized sheet metal shell, components or complete assembly products offering high-efficiency solution of laser sheet metal.

Jinge metal Co., Ltd, is a professional plant of exhaust pipe, luggage carrier for bicycle,
customization, AM, OEM offering sheet metal punching parts, blending, welding, surface
treatment. Passing ISO-9001 certificate. Cover around 1000 hectares and own Stamping
press, welding robotic arm, CNC blending machine and spot welder.

inji, covered around 800 hectares, established in Wufung District, Taichung City. We
currently own lots of processing equipment related sheet metal including AMADA
FO-3015NT CNC laser cutting machine, large AMADA NCT punching machine,
AMADA CNC precise computer bending press and CNC motor press, diversified welding
machine and grinding equipment. Therefore, we own the operative ability of laser cutting,
sheet metal stamping, bending, welding, tapping, grinding, polishing and surface treatment.
In addition, we devoted to help customers reduce the duration and cost causing that our quality
and efficiency are highly confirmed by customers on the basis of our professional team and experience.


Jinji develop into an all-direction service plant. We can assist customers in
designing 2D/3D graphics from simple laser cutting to welding and assembly
on the basis of professional experience for the past few years. We can provide
customers with the best OEM / ODM solution with market competitiveness.

We will hold the attitude of integrity and improvement to
develop overseas market with advanced equipment,
excellent technique and experience. In addition,
we offer customized service according to any
customer`s need. Welcome the cooperation!