Laser cutting / sheet metal
welding / assembly
OEM/ODM service

Jinji provide with not only one-stop laser sheet metal processing for Metal plate pieces and pipe fitting but also assembly service for machine, electronic and medical material. Based on our assembly experience for the past few years, we promise customers we can manufacture and deliver in time.



Complete productive equipment
Jinji owns the most completed processing equipment related to sheet metal including AMADA FO-3015NT CNC laser cutting machine, large AMADA NCT punching machine, AMADA  HDS-1303 NT servomotor hydraulic multifunction bending machine, CNC Servo bending machine, all kinds of welding machinery, grinding equipment ...etc. The most advanced equipment and technology, and continue to invest in the process and technology innovation and sophisticated, from a single processing to the whole process  With our precision equipment, Jinji’s well-rounded shop can meet nearly any need to save your costs and delays, keeping your project on-budget, and on schedule.