Service Item
  1. The design of product
2. CNC laser cutting 
3. NCT  punching  
4. CNC sheet metal cutting, CNC bending
5. CNC pipe blending  
6. MIG / TIG & Spot welding
7. Grinding and polishing
8. Surface treatment
9. Assebmbly
10. Material:Black iron/ Stainless steel/ Low-carbon steel/ Aluminum alloy/Copper/ Titanium/ Bakelite
More Service
Medical equipment components: pharmaceutical machinery, electric wheelchairs, positioning wheelchairs, sports equipment, physical therapy equipment,
                disinfection pot, surgical equipment, and so on.
Home appliances kitchen and bath products: electronic ultra-low moisture dry cabinets, water coolers, BBQ oven, yacht with oven, infrared oven,
                      baking pan ... and so on.
Car and motorcycle components: exhaust pipe, vehicle rack ... and so on.